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Kitchen Extension Ideas

A well-designed kitchen extension can dramatically alter your living space, bringing in more natural light, adding headroom and influencing the overall interior design.

Why Add a Kitchen Extension?

  1. Increased Space
  2. Improved Layout and Functionality
  3. Enhanced Home Value
  4. Better Natural Light
  5. Personalised Design
  6. Energy Efficiency

Kitchen Extension Designs


Ideal For:

  • Homes looking for a spacious, social and family-friendly kitchen area.

Design Elements:

  • Large, multi-functional kitchen islands serve as cooking and dining spaces.
  • Integrated living areas with comfortable seating to blend the kitchen with living spaces seamlessly.
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows or glass doors for natural light and garden views.

Materials & Colours:

  • Neutral tones with splashes of colour; natural materials like wood and stone for a warm, inviting feel.


Ideal For:

  • Modern homes, emphasising simplicity and functionality.

Design Elements:

  • Sleek worktops, handleless cabinetry for a clean look.
  • Hidden storage solutions and integrated appliances to maintain a clutter-free space.
  • Simple colour palettes, often monochromatic or with subtle contrasts.

Materials & Colours:

  • High-gloss finishes, stainless steel, and minimalist lighting fixtures.


Ideal For:

  • Those who appreciate a raw, edgy aesthetic with a focus on functionality.

Design Elements:

  • Exposed brickwork, beams and ductwork.
  • Open shelving units and hanging pot racks for easy access to kitchenware.
  • Statement lighting fixtures, like pendant lights with a metallic finish.

Materials & Colours:

  • A mix of wood, metal, and concrete; neutral colours with metallic accents.


Ideal For:

  • Maximising corner space and creating an efficient work triangle.

Design Elements:

  • Corner sink or cooktop to utilise corner space effectively.
  • An L-shaped floor plan allows for a clear division of work and social areas.
  • Optional breakfast nook or small dining area within the kitchen layout.

Materials & Colours:

  • Versatile; can range from modern glossy finishes to traditional wood, depending on the overall home style.

Kitchen Extension Roof Ideas

Orangery Kitchen Extension Roof

Ideal For:

  • Homeowners seeking an elegant blend of indoor and outdoor living.
  • Those who desire a light-filled kitchen.
  • Families looking for a multifunctional area for cooking, dining, and socialising.


  1. Abundant Natural Light: The large windows and glass roofs typical of orangeries ensure ample sunlight.
  2. Aesthetic Value: Orangeries offer a sophisticated look that can significantly boost a home’s visual appeal.
  3. Versatile Design: Can be tailored to fit various architectural styles and personal tastes.
  4. Increased Property Value: Often leads to a rise in property value due to their desirability and luxury appeal.
  5. Year-Round Enjoyment: With proper insulation, they are comfortable spaces in all seasons.


  1. Higher Cost: Typically more expensive than standard kitchen extensions due to design complexity and materials.
  2. Planning Permissions: May require navigating through planning regulations and permissions.
  3. Temperature Regulation: Large glass areas can result in temperature fluctuations, needing effective heating and cooling solutions.
  4. Maintenance Requirements: Glass and frames need regular upkeep to maintain their appearance and function.
  5. Construction Duration: The build time can be lengthy, requiring patience and planning.

Redefine Your Space With The ILite Flat Roof Orangery System

Tailored Choices – Personalise Your Space

Maximise your ceiling height – our range of glass roof lanterns includes a variety of custom sizes and designs, with a selection of bespoke colours available on request.

Enquire to view our extensive selection of glass types, each with distinct levels of light transmission and solar heat reflection capabilities. A self-cleaning coating on the exterior pane is a standard feature for most of our glass options. We also offer an array of tint options including Blue, Bronze, Grey, Green, and Neutral.

Glass Kitchen Extension Roof

Ideal for:

Glass kitchen extensions are a contemporary design solution that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces. Perfect for homeowners looking to expand their kitchen area while maximising natural light and enjoying panoramic views of their surroundings.


  1. Natural Light: One of the biggest advantages is the abundance of natural light, making the kitchen feel more spacious and welcoming.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal: Glass extensions offer a modern, sleek look that can significantly enhance the visual appeal of a property.
  3. Seamless Transition to Outdoors: They provide an unobstructed view of the garden or outdoor space, creating a seamless connection with nature.
  4. Customisable Design: Glass extensions can be tailored to various architectural styles, making them versatile for different home designs.
  5. Increased Property Value: Due to their modern appeal and functionality, glass kitchen extensions can add significant value to a property.


  1. Temperature Regulation: Glass can lead to challenges in maintaining a consistent temperature, potentially making the space too hot in summer or too cold in winter.
  2. Privacy Concerns: Without adequate shading solutions, glass extensions may lack privacy.
  3. Higher Cost: The materials and construction of glass extensions can be more expensive compared to traditional extension options.
  4. Maintenance: Glass requires regular cleaning to maintain clarity and prevent marks or stains.
  5. Potential for Glare: In certain angles, glass can cause glare, which might be uncomfortable without proper shading solutions.

Pitched Roof Extension

Ideal For:

Pitched roof extensions are ideal for traditional homes, areas with heavy rainfall or snow, and when looking to add extra space or enhance property value. They offer aesthetic appeal, durability, energy efficiency, and weather resistance.


  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Pitched roofs have a classic and timeless look, often enhancing the overall appearance of a property.
  2. Durability: They are generally more durable and long-lasting, especially in harsh weather conditions, due to their shape and structure.
  3. Energy Efficiency: The shape allows for better insulation and air circulation, potentially lowering heating and cooling costs.
  4. Extra Space: The design can provide additional attic space which can be used for storage or even converted into a livable area.
  5. Weather Resistance: Their sloped nature makes them excellent for water drainage, reducing the risk of water damage and leaks.


  1. Cost: Pitched roof extensions can be more expensive than flat roofs due to the complexity of the design and construction.
  2. Planning Permissions: These extensions often require planning permissions, especially in urban or historical areas, which can be a time-consuming process.
  3. Complex Installation: The construction process is more complex and time-consuming, requiring skilled labour.
  4. Height Restrictions: In some areas, height restrictions may limit the pitch or overall height of the extension.

Transform Your Space With  The SupaLite Tiled Roof System

Our tiled roof system is renowned for its lightweight yet durable design, standing as a top choice for various home renovation and construction projects.

It’s ideal for a range of applications, including enhancing extensions, replacing conservatory roofs or integrating into new builds.

Designed to surpass the lifespan of many alternative roofing options, offering enduring quality and reliability. Its user-friendly design ensures a straightforward and efficient installation process for installers. Check out our video on What goes into a SupaLite Roof

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How Much Does it Cost to Extend a Kitchen?

The cost of extending a kitchen can vary widely based on factors like the size of the extension, the materials used, the labour costs in your area, and the complexity of the project. The kitchen extension cost can depend on charges for high-end materials or if structural changes are needed. It’s important to get a detailed quote from a contractor for a more accurate estimate based on your specific requirements.

How Can I Extend My Kitchen Area? 

Extending your kitchen area can significantly transform the space both functionally and aesthetically. Here are some ideas:

Add a Conservatory or Orangery Extension: Extending your kitchen into a conservatory or orangery with a glass roof provides extra space while integrating the outdoors. This extension is perfect for those who enjoy a view of their garden while cooking or dining.

Install a Glass or Lantern Roof: Adding a skylight or a lantern-style roof can flood your kitchen with natural light, making it feel more spacious and inviting. This type of roof extension is ideal for creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

Incorporate a Warm Roof System: If you’re looking for better insulation and energy efficiency, consider a warm roof system. This type of roof is commonly tiled and designed to keep your extended kitchen area comfortable year-round, reducing energy costs.

Go for a Pitched Roof Extension: A pitched roof extension not only adds character to your home but also provides additional overhead space which can be utilized for storage or decorative elements.

Remember, any structural changes to your roof will likely require planning permission and should be undertaken by qualified professionals. These changes can offer a blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and increased property value.

What’s the Best Roof for a Kitchen Extension?

The best roof for a kitchen extension largely depends on your specific needs and style preferences. For a bright, airy feel, glass roofs are ideal as they let in plenty of natural light. If you prefer energy efficiency and a seamless look with your existing home, a tiled roof might be the better choice. Skylights or lantern roofs are excellent for adding a touch of elegance and extra light without compromising on insulation. Ultimately, the best roof balances aesthetics, functionality and your personal lifestyle requirements.

Is a Flat Roof Extension a Good Idea?

A flat roof extension can be a good idea, especially for modern, minimalist designs or when space constraints limit other roofing options. They are often more cost-effective and quicker to install than pitched roofs. However, it’s important to ensure high-quality materials and proper installation to avoid issues with water drainage and insulation. With the right design and maintenance, a flat roof extension can be a practical and stylish addition to your home.




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