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For sophisticated outdoor living

Made to fit your needs

With a range of designs to suit your needs, whether it be a garden office or a canopy for your hot tub, we have a garden building that’s right for you.

The Eleganto

The Eleganto comes in various sizes and would make great garden storage or a workshop. It has galvanised steel sides, cylinder lock doors and small perplex windows. Plus, we can even install a perforated wall with hooks for tool storage.

The Luminato

The Luminato is the ideal garden office. With large full length windows made from perplex glass, it lets lots of natural light into the space. Perfect for anyone working from home who wants an inspiring space, away from the noise and distractions of the home.

The Open or Closed Lounge

The Open Lounge or Closed Lounge is the al fresco dream. Part summer house, part canopy; you can enjoy sitting in the garden all year round. Use the canopy to cover the garden lounge or hot tub, so you can even use them in the rain.

Easy to assemble

Our garden buildings are easy to put together and can be done by yourself or a third-party contractor. They are made up of prefabricated parts which slide together. All our garden buildings come with simple instructions, which makes assembly quick and easy.

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Durable, eco-friendly design

Constructed from steel, our garden buildings will last a lifetime. The sustainable material of choice, steel is wholly recyclable. So if your building ever needs to come down, the steel can be reused.

That makes it the most eco-friendly option for your garden. Plus, there’s no need for tedious maintenance jobs like repainting!

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your way

We produce our garden buildings in a variety of different colours. They can range from White, Light Grey or a trendy Anthracite colour, dependent on the garden building you choose.

You can kit out your garden building with a choice of accessories, including hanging tool wall and accessible ramp.

RAL 9003
RAL 7043
Light Grey
Light Grey
RAL 7001
Strong and Durable

The galvanised supporting structure guarantees longevity. Steel is the material of the future.


Using steel means safer construction, less maintenance, fewer foundation issues and no need for heavy construction equipment.

Quick and Easy Assemble

The system is made up of prefabricated components that are easy to assemble. Brief instruction or a concise manual is all that is needed for quick assembly.

Contemporary Look and Feel

SupaLite offers a range of finish options for a contemporary, functional look & feel that dovetails effortlessly with most building styles and settings.

No Maintenance

Do it the easy way with an Eleganto garden building. A steel construction requires less maintenance than a timber one. Touching up the paintwork is superfluous as the garden building always looks as good as new.

Ecological Footprint

The constructions are 100% recyclable and can be re-used. Being lightweight in construction, Telluria can be transported very efficiently. The constructions are supplied in kit format. Accordingly, there is no waste or surplus consumption of energy, water or other resources.

Creating Reality

Your questions - answered

Planning permission can depend on a few factors, like how big your garden building is going to be and how close it is to your neighbour’s property. To find out if you need planning permission, you should get in touch with your local planning authority at the local council.

As a rule of thumb, you don’t need planning permission for buildings under 3m for a mono-pitch roof and 4m for a dual ridge roof. It should also be 2m or more away from your neighbour’s fence. However, it is always best to check with the relevant authority to be sure.

All of our garden buildings have been designed for easy assembly, so you can build them yourself. They come with simple instructions that make building it quick and easy.

All of our garden buildings can have electric installed. This is not supplied with the garden building, but can be sourced from third-party contractors.

Yes, you can! We’d recommend the Luminato design for a garden office or garden room. This is because it has large perplex windows, so you can enjoy looking out at your garden within the comfort of a self-contained building.

Yes, you can build a garden office but you may need to be apply for planning permission depending on the size and how close it is to your neighbour’s property. It can also vary depending on how you’ll use the garden office. If it is going to be the base for your business, you’ll probably need planning permission. If you’re only going to be working in there for a couple of days a week, you might not. Contact your local planning authority at the local council to find out if you need planning permission.

Yes! We’ve seen plenty of customers use our garden buildings for commercial purposes. Whether you use it as a workshop for your bespoke designs or a showroom for potential customers. Just bear in mind you may need planning permission for this.

In our experience, a well-built, stylish summer house can certainly add value to your property. It basically creates an extra room and enhances your garden. It won’t be included as an extra room in the listing, but it will be something that buyers look out for. After all, it’s one less job for them to do, saving them time and money.

We’ve given you the building, now it’s time for you to put your own stamp on it! We provide our garden buildings in White, Light Grey or Anthracite. We chose these trendy colours so that it would go great with lots of contemporary garden furnishings and styles. You can also personalise it with a choice of accessories and lighting. Just browse through some of our images above for inspiration!

If you want to elevate your garden with a SupaLite Garden and Leisure Building get in touch!

This product is available for supply only, suitable for DIY projects or trade companies.




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