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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a burning question? Want to find out more about our SupaLite roof systems? You’ll find all the answers to your questions below…

Retail Customers

What is the weigh, per square meter, for a SupaLite tiled roof?

The weight of the tiled roof is 46kg per m2, however, this may vary by roof style.

Do I get a guarantee with the SupaLite roof? If so, how long does this last and what is covered in the guarantee?

SupaLite offer a guarantee of the product to the installer, not the consumer. You will need to ask what guarantees your installer offers.

Typically, how long does it take to install the SupaLite conservatory roof?

Typically, it would take 3 – 4 days to install a SupaLite conservatory roof for a standard sized 4m × 4m Edwardian style conservatory.

Do I need to get planning permission to install a SupaLite conservatory roof?

Planning permission is generally not required to install a SupaLite conservatory roof, if you are only replacing the roof on your existing conservatory. However, if your existing conservatory needed permission you may need permission to change the roof.

Will having a SupaLite conservatory roof increase the value of my home? If so, by how much?

A SupaLite conservatory roof will certainly increase the value of your home if it is fitted and supplied with a Building Regulations certificate. Please ensure your installation company offer this with your roof.

Will it make the room darker if I have a SupaLite conservatory roof installed?

There is a possibility that your room may be darker once you replace your existing roof with a SupaLite conservatory roof, there are ways of making your new room lighter. This includes painting the ceiling in white, internal spot lights, Roof Windows and SkyVista glass panels.

What if I experience any issues with the installation?

We are trade manufacturers and suppliers of the SupaLite roof and ancillary products. We supply many businesses throughout the UK with various products along with a flat roof orangery system. We often get requests by email and by telephone from homeowners to comment on various roof installation queries. Unfortunately, we can’t provide technical assistance or comment on installation queries with consumers. Any issues you may have regarding the installation of our products should be directed to the installation company. In the event that they can’t find a solution or an answer to your query, then we could try and assist them by providing technical support over the phone with our customer so they can try and resolve the issue for you. As a long-established Systems company and manufacturer, we provide comprehensive installation guides for our trade customers and their installation teams. It is common that some installers use slightly different ways of doing certain parts of the installation; this can be completely normal. In the event of a homeowner query, please speak directly to the supplying company as SupaLite have no information about the installation, other than a roof plan drawing which we supplied with the roof order. We can only discuss details of the roof order with our customer.

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