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10 Benefits of Installing a SupaLite Tiled Roof System

supalite roof benefits

Meet Andy and Sarah. They have a conservatory on their south-facing garden that was built around 20 years ago and has a polycarbonate roof.

They loved the idea of having an extra room in their home, but that’s all it was – an idea. The space was unusable for 6-9 months of the year because of the temperature fluctuations in the UK. It was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

They had three options:

  1. Accept that the room would be unusable for set periods and use it when they could.
  2. Demolish the conservatory and make extra room in the garden.
  3. Find a way to use the room all year round.

Luckily, they chose the third option. Andy and Sarah now have a conservatory roof replacement, which allows them to use the room all year round, maximising its potential. They’re finally getting their money’s worth.

Confession. Andy and Sarah aren’t real. Well, they are in a sense – there are thousands of Andy and Sarahs in the UK. People that aren’t getting the best from their conservatory. Are you one of them?

If so, read this article and discover the benefits of replacing your old conservatory roof with a SupaLite Tiled Roof System.

1. Functional for 365 Days of the Year

Functional for 365 Days of the Year

As we mentioned, the main benefit of a SupaLite roof is that you can use it all year round. Glass and polycarbonate roofs are not good insulators, so any cold or warm air is likely to pass through it and intensify the temperature; if the sun is out the heat can be unbearable.

Conservatories often turn into a dumping ground for various items like unwanted furniture or the never-ending ironing pile. Having a room all year round ensures you’ll have to find another place for your unironed shirts!

SupaLite roofs come with insulated plasterboard and PIR insulated boards which improve the temperature regulation in your conservatory, preventing heat from escaping and powerful UV rays from entering your home. You’ve got cover whatever the temperature.

2. Create a Quiet and Calm Living Space

Suppose you’ve ever sat in a conservatory while it’s raining. In that case, you’ll know it can be quite challenging to relax as the rain pounds down on the tinny roof. Glass and polycarbonate don’t do a brilliant job of keeping distracting sounds out of the room, which can be problematic if you’re using it as a TV room or dining space.

Installing a conservatory roof won’t eliminate sound – but why would you want to ignore the chipper tweeting of birds in the morning anyway? It will minimise the sound of rain and other noises by up to thirty decibels, creating a calmer atmosphere in the process.

3. Conservatory Roof Replacements Look Amazing!

Conservatory Roof Replacements Look Amazing!

While there are some stunning glass conservatories in the UK, polycarbonate roofs look cheap. Also, the former and the latter look like extensions of the home, rather than being part of the house.

When you put a conservatory tiled roof on top of the conservatory, you’re mimicking the structure of the house, that creates the illusion that it’s always been like that in the first place.

We have a selection of tiles in various shades, so you’re guaranteed to get the look you desire. We also have SkyVista and SkyElevate glass options to add the ‘wow factor’ to your new room.

4. A Conservatory Roof Can Add Value to Your Home

Let’s paint a picture for you. An estate agent comes to value your home, and it’s full of unused furniture and clothing. An estate agent comes to visit your home, and your conservatory is being used as a functional living space like a dining area or living room.

Estate agents are aware that conservatories aren’t classed as functional living spaces. Still, the addition of a roof completely changes that rule, and if you can show that your conservatory space is usable, you have the potential to add value.

While there are no promises, you should consult your estate agent and ask if they think the cost of the work will cover itself in added value.

5. Create a New Living Space

Create a New Living Space

As well as being able to use your room all year round, you’ll have the luxury of being able to turn the place into your dream space. Whether you want a games room for your kids or a show-stopping dining room to entertain guests, you can achieve your goal with a replacement conservatory roof.

Here are some tips for making your room feel more homely:

1. Open it up – the more open the conservatory is, the more likely you’ll feel at home in it. You could get any doors removed if you want an open-plan space.

2. Decorate – style it with the theme of your home and ensure it blends in with your other decor.

3. Control the incoming light – conservatories let a lot of light in, so ensure you have a method of controlling it – like blinds or shutters.

4. Add a skylight – if you want to wow your guests, add a skylight to bring in more natural light.

5. Use walls – don’t leave the wall space blank if you have it, use mirrors to reflect light or get some art to draw attention to it.

Want more tips? Read our blog about Conservatory Room Ideas.

6. Create Something Unique With Interior Design

Create Something Unique With Interior Design

While conservatories can look cool, the sheer amount of glass doesn’t leave you with much interior design options. Adding a roof is a game-changer, as you can experiment with lighting. Because the room looks like a functional space, you won’t have to go for the typical wicker chair and glass table style that we see in lots of conservatories.

Some styles that are in at the minute include:

  • Soft tropics
  • Glamour
  • Structured simplicity
  • Natural

You can learn more in our blog about Conservatory Interior Design Trends.

7. Save Money On Your Heating Bills

Save Money On Your Heating Bills

Trying to keep your conservatory warm in the winter when there is so much heat escaping through the glass can be an expensive job, which is why most people try to avoid using it altogether.

You may have similar worries when installing a roof, but it could save you money in the long run as the room will benefit from better insulation and temperature regulation. As a result, you could save money on your heating costs as your home will be more efficient.

8. Get High-Quality Installations From Trusted SupaLite Installers

All our installations are undertaken by approved SupaLite installers, so we know they possess the necessary skills to get your conservatory up to the high standards you desire. Our installers will ensure all work meets building standards. Locate your nearest installer today, and look for the SupaLite Registered Installer badge if you’re unsure.

Here’s a video showing you how a SupaLite roof is installed:

9. Avoid Bogus Builders and Botch Jobs

Just because a tiled roof looks professional, it doesn’t mean it is. Unfortunately, some bogus builders sell solutions that are shabby and downright dangerous. Try to avoid them at all costs.

We’re passionate about our roofs because they’re the real deal and we hate seeing people waste thousands of pounds on roofing systems that aren’t good enough. Avoid all the turmoil by coming to us first. 

Here’s our Group Chairman Dave Watters explaining the dangers of conservatory cladovers:

10. Avoid Building Regulations

Because we aren’t making any changes to the existing structure, you can usually avoid applying for Building Regulations. However, you should check whether you needed Building Regulations in the first place, as you may need them again.

Some additional benefits include:

Some additional benefits include
  • Say goodbye to sun glare.
  • Avoid expensive and inconvenient leaks.
  • All our products are approved by JHAI and BRE, so you know you’re getting quality.
  • You get a 10-year product guarantee with a SupaLite roof.
  • Fast installations, for example, it would take 3-4 days to install a standard sized conservatory.

Are You Ready to Reap the Benefits of a SupaLite Roof?

If you’re ready to begin the process of installing a SupaLite roof, you can submit an enquiry for a quick quote on our website or go directly to one of our installers. We hope you enjoy the new addition to your home!




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