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The SupaLite SkyVista is the perfect choice for those looking to transform their living space with natural light, whilst also enjoying the benefits of a lightweight, energy-efficient tiled conservatory roof.

Our innovative design features a high-performance glass panel that lets in an abundance of light, whilst also insulating your home against heat loss and noise pollution.

A beautiful, practical blend of lightweight tiles & glass panels

Control the temperature of your conservatory whilst making the most of natural light with the SupaLite SkyVista – a combination of our tiled roof system and glass panels. The ultra-clever SkyVista has excellent U-value properties and effective solar control, meaning you can regulate the temperature of your conservatory whilst allowing plenty of natural light to flow through. With a 60% solar heat reflection that still allows 45% of natural light into the building, it’s the best of glazing solutions.

Unlike traditional conservatory roofs, the technology behind the SkyVista glass panel means your conservatory will be cool and comfortable on hot, sunny days, and warm and cosy on cold winter days. Plus, you won’t have to climb up ladders to clean your glass roof panels, as the SkyVista glass is self-cleaning!

The SkyVista Glass Panel explained

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five reasons to choose our products image
five reasons to choose our products image

5 Reasons
to install a SkyVista

  • Install a solid roof system, without losing overhead natural light
  • Customisable with tile or slate finishing options
  • Building Regulation approved (JHAI)
  • Stable thermal control for a comfortable living space year round
  • Could add value to your home

Make your roof your own!

Our SkyVista roof system is incredibly versatile, allowing you to choose from a range of tile options to match the style of your home. From revolutionary lightweight tiles to sleek slate, our tiles are durable, weather-resistant and designed to last for years to come.

Plus, with expert installers on hand to fit your new roof, you can be sure of a professional and hassle-free experience.

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Build your vision with bespoke options

Choose your shape & style

Choose your shape & style

The SkyVista can be configured to numerous conservatory styles, including Edwardian, Victorian and Lean-to.

Roof tiles to compliment your SkyVista

Roof tiles to compliment your SkyVista

Choose between the ExtraLight Tiles in Charcoal, Ember or Walnut. Alternatively, you can choose Tapco Slate in Brown, Red, Grey, Black or Plum.

Ready to
create your dream
living space?

With independent installers throughout the UK, you can be sure of a stress-free installation handled by professionals. They’re on hand to help you decide if the SkyVista is right for you and guide you through the process, from choosing the right tiles to explaining the benefits of our innovative design.

Want to transform your conservatory into a beautiful year-round living space with a SupaLite conservatory glass roof panel? Here’s what to do next:

Registered Installers
Creating Reality

Your questions - answered

The cost of a new conservatory roof with a SkyVista glass panel depends on the size and shape of your conservatory and what design options you choose. For an accurate quote, get in touch with a local installer.

We have Nationwide SupaLite installers, so no matter where you are in the UK, you can get a SupaLite roof with SkyVista glass panel installed.

We provide a 10-year product guarantee on all of our SupaLite Roof products to our installers. The installation company should issue their own guarantee to cover installation work too.

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