Create a year round living space.
Choose a SupaLite tiled conservatory roof.
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Choose a SupaLite tiled conservatory roof...
...and fall in love with your conservatory again.
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Fall in love with your conservatory again.
Choose a SupaLite Tiled Conservatory Roof.
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Fall in love with your conservatory again.

Every SupaLite roof is tailor made for each individual conservatory. They are precision surveyed and factory made ensuring a perfect fit to every size and configuration of roof.

Ten Reasons
Solid Conservatory Roof

10 Reasons to Choose a new SupaLite replacement roof.

  • Retains warmth in winter months
  • Keeps your conservatory incredibly cool on sunny days
  • Virtually burglar proof. Tiles can’t be easily removed
  • Eliminate any leaks previously experienced
  • No Rain, Wind or Wildlife Noises
  • Eliminates almost all glare
  • No more cleaning dirty roofs
  • Provides a safe & cosy space 365 days a year
  • Designed & tested to standards set by the JHAI
  • 25 Year guarantee on tiles with a life expectancy of 50 years
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Don't be duped by a 'clad-over' roof.

Are you aware of the potential dangers when buying a replacement roof for your conservatory?

There are several methods of re-roofing an existing structure, the cheapest way is to simply wrap a new roof over and under the existing roofing system. However, this method is the most likely to overstress the existing roof and wall structure. If you are offered this solution, you should ensure that the company quoting to do the work can evidence the stability of the structure with the increased loading and satisfy the building control team.

FAQs Building Regulation Guidelines
Pitfalls of a 'clad-over' roof!
An example of what an untested roof load can do to a roof

“Being from a roofing/building background I was a bit dubious to go with a slate roof but it’s made such a difference due to the insulation qualities. During the recent heatwave, we have been able to spend all day in the room now whereas before it would have been too hot.”

See the Transformation
Benefit from in depth research & investment that have arrived at the perfect replacement roof for your conservatory.

The SupaLite roof has undergone exhaustive testing, design and re-design to arrive at a product for every conservatory roof design and configuration.

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SupaLite Tiled Roof System

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Finishing Touches & Unique Features

You can completely customise your replacement conservatory roof, choose from a range of colours, tiles and additional unique features such as lighting and vaulted ceilings. All finishes come with a 10 Year Guarantee.
Vaulted Ceiling
Vaulted Ceiling
External Lighting
External Lighting
ExtraLight Tiles
ExtraLight Tiles
Composite Slate
Composite Slate

SupaLite - In The Know

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SupaLite Tiled Roof System