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8 Reasons to Replace Your Glass Conservatory Roof With Tiles

reasons to replace glass conservatory roof with tiles

Your conservatory should be a place that you and your family love, not a place that you avoid or use as storage space.

If your conservatory feels too toasty in summer and like an icebox in winter, it’s time to do something about it! What’s the point in having a room that serves no purpose?

There are plenty of reasons why you should replace a glass conservatory roof with tiles. Read on to find out five of the big benefits of a solid SupaLite roof.

Why Should You Replace a Glass Conservatory Roof With Tiles?

1. You Can Increase the Value of Your House

If you can create an extra room in your house, you’re more likely to increase the value of it.

Picture this, someone comes to value your house and there’s a conservatory that isn’t being used. It’s either boiling hot of freezing cold with fans and heaters being powered to maintain temperature.

The alternative to this is a finely plastered ceiling, precision tiled roof and a room that’s a functional living space – a dining room or a playroom perhaps.

Which one sounds more valuable to you?

2. You Can Create a Comfy, Cosy Space

conservatory roofing tile replacement

A traditional glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof provides minimal insulation. On a hot day, it can feel like an oven, and on a winters day, it can feel like a walk-in freezer.

This has a big impact on the comfort of your conservatory, and often renders it useless in cold or warm conditions. The only time you can use it is in the mild months of spring, late summer and early autumn.

A solid conservatory roof will put an end to extreme temperature fluctuations. You won’t need thermals or a fan to sit in your conservatory if you have a tiled roof – plus, you can knock some money off of your heating bills.

Solid conservatory roofs are insulated, so they create a comfortable living space all year round by regulating the temperature in the room.

3. Your House Looks Awesome Inside and Out

A solid roof will massively improve the look of your conservatory. But it’s not just the outside that will look better, as it has a plastered, insulated ceiling inside.

It feels more homely and makes the room part of your home. Since a solid conservatory roof has a plastered ceiling, you can install some snazzy roof lights. Choose from spotlights for a subtle look or a chandelier to make a statement.

Because the shell of the room blends in with the look of your house, you can decorate it as though it’s another room in your house. No more bamboo sofas and outdoor furniture.

4. Reduce Condensation in Your Conservatory

replacement tile conservatory roofing

Conservatories often suffer from condensation, especially in the winter when warm air passes into the room and turns back into liquid water as it hits the colder temperature of the conservatory.

Also, conservatories aren’t usually ventilated well. Any water vapour in your conservatory doesn’t have an escape route, so it builds up and can cause damp issues.

You can use a dehumidifier to retain any moisture in the air, but it can be costly to run one and it isn’t an ideal solution.

The solution is to regulate the temperature of the room so it’s similar to the temperature in the house. You can do this with radiators and underfloor heating, but this can cause problems with building regulations.

The easiest way to equalise the temperature is with a tiled roof system, which will make the room similar to the house temperature, minimising condensation.

5. You’ll Prevent Inconvenient Leaks

Leaks can cause damage to your furniture and the structure of the conservatory.

Sometimes conservatory roofs are a botch job. You or the previous homeowner gets someone in to do a job they aren’t qualified to do. Both the fit and the materials used can cause the conservatory to leak.

Sometimes faults can appear over time, there are many interconnected parts of a conservatory that suffer general wear and tear.

While you might be tempted to repair, a tiled roof offers a more stable roofing system that’s less prone to leaking.

6. You’ll Get More Peace and Quiet

tile replacement conservatory roof

A solid roof will reduce the noise levels inside the room. Enjoy some quiet in your conservatory with a tiled roof. You’ll never have to suffer from the noise of torrential rain, hail or wind battering your glass roof again!

Your conservatory shouldn’t be a place that drives you mad – it should be a place where you can relax.

7. You Can Say Goodbye to Glare

A conservatory with a tiled roof reduces any sun glare caused by translucent roofs. So you can browse on your tablet, do work on your laptop, or watch TV without the sun blinding you.

Plus, your furniture will look much better for years to come with a solid roof, as it won’t get faded from exposure to UV rays.

8. You Can Find a Tile to Suit Your Style

conservatory roof tile replace

We’ve got a tile to suit all styles. Our composite slate tiles look great and will last for years. They’re available in a range of colours with a choice of black, grey, brown and red.

Those who love a more traditional look will love these. Alternatively, we have ExtraLight tiles with a textured finish. They’re up to seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials but just as durable. These are available in a variety of classic colours too.




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