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Interior Design Ideas for Your Conservatory

SupaLite Interior Design Ideas for your Conservatory

With all the extra time we’re spending at home, it’s more important than ever to make your conservatory a space you love to spend time in.

Whether you use it as a safe, relaxing connection to the outside world or a functional extra room in your home, you’ll want the interior to be stylish while also reflecting its requirements. 

Gone are the days of traditional conservatories that are swelteringly hot in summer and freezing in winter, with a Supalite tiled roof you can use your conservatory all year-round – so it’s definitely worth the investment! 

A tiled roof integrates with existing architectural and building elements making your home look more aesthetically pleasing and opening up a range of interior and exterior styling options.

Externally, you can customise the tiles in colour and design, and make the most of natural light by adding a SkyVista or SkyElevate window.

Internally, lighting can be adapted by incorporating spotlights or downlights, giving you a sophisticated, modern feel to your conservatory and enabling you to use your space at night.

To help you create your perfect space, we’ve put together some interior design inspiration including current trends and styles. Hopefully, you’ll find all you need to transform your conservatory into a room you can’t wait to spend your quarantine time in.


Traditional Conservatory

If your home has always had a conservatory, it’s more than likely you’ll be familiar with this style!

Traditionally, conservatories featured glass roofs which let in a lot of sunlight, therefore it was important to choose furniture that wouldn’t fade in the sun over time. Hence why you often see wicker and rattan tables and chairs in conservatories.

Even as conservatories have evolved, this style has remained popular. It’s a great way to bring the outside in and create a flow from the garden, adding to the natural, serene feel to the room.

This style is usually complemented by light, fresh colours such as beige, cream, pinks and greens as well as an abundance of indoor plants.

A quick Pinterest search is a great way to find some inspiration!


A Contemporary Conservatory

When it comes to achieving a modern conservatory look, less is definitely more! The colour palette tends to be neutral, featuring black, white or grey which are often paired with a pop of colour. 

If you’re trying to achieve a contemporary modern conservatory, stick to simplistic furniture pieces with geometric lines. Mixing up the textures is also a great way to add depth to your design, think about adding metallics, mattes, wool or wood in your accessories and furniture pieces. 

Be sure to check out some inspirational pictures to see if this style is for you.

2020 Interior Design Trends for Your Conservatory

Interior design goes way beyond contemporary or traditional nowadays, with new trends emerging each year.

So, whether you’re wanting to stay on trend or just looking for a design that suits your style, you might want to consider some of these conservatory interior design ideas when picking your conservatory decor.

Structured Simplicity 

Structured Simplicity Conservatory Layout

One of the best things about simple interior design is that it is timeless, so there’s no need to worry about this style going out of fashion!

Much like the Nordic Retreat trend of 2019, structured simplicity is all about stripping back to the basics and channelling calm and cosy vibes to combat our busy lives.

Think soft and neutral tones paired with a dark accent colour, unrefined finishes and handcrafted items of furniture.

This is perfect for those of you that want your conservatory to be effortlessly stylish, but still comfortable and not overly minimal.

When adding accessories, you want the room to feel organised but not cluttered, key pieces are similar to Scandinavian style with sheep wool and wicker. This trend looks great with lots of natural light making it perfect for a conservatory.

Below are a few online stores and boutiques that you can find some stunning structured simplicity furniture and accessories:

Soft Tropics

Soft Tropics Conservatory Layout

If you love colour, this one’s for you! Tropical decor is all about bright botanical prints, palm leaves and exotic plants. Soft tropical dilutes the colour palette slightly making it less imposing.

This trend embraces nature – making it perfect for a bright conservatory that connects to your garden. Colours that work great are green, mustard, blue and pink with elements of velvet and wood.

If you don’t want to go all out, framing prints featuring palm leaves, flamingos or toucans alongside adding a pop of colour in the cushions would be a simple but effective way of incorporating this style.

Check out these websites for inspiration and furniture:


Glamour Conservatory Layout

The glamour trend is one that’s here to stay, and electric glamour is 2020s take. Glamorous designs are easier to put together than you might think, featuring plenty of glitz and show-stopping shine!

Go bold with colours and prints, begin by picking a design that you love and build your room around it. 

If you want to inject some low-key glamour, consider adding some bespoke items such as velvet chairs, metallic handles and details, art deco mirrors with iron chandeliers and wall lights. These bits are sure to make your conservatory look elegant and stylish! 

Here are some ideas and stores we love for the glamour trend:

Bring the Outside In

"Bring the Outside In" Conservatory Layout

Bringing nature into our homes isn’t exactly new for 2020, but never the less it a popular choice for conservatory decor. This style follows traditional conservatory decor but with a modern twist!

Channel natural textures for a rustic vibe with plenty of potted plants and fresh flowers from the garden. Rattan or wicker furniture with lots of cushions works beautifully here, making it feel like an extension of your garden and home.

Transforming your conservatory is a great way to fill your extra time in lockdown and the coming summer months, and it’ll provide you with a space you can enjoy for years to come! Did any of these conservatory interior design ideas make you want to get creative?

If you don’t already have a SupaLite tiled conservatory roof and you’re considering a complete re-design, locate your local, registered SupaLite installer today!




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