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What to Consider Before Replacing a Conservatory Roof

what to consider before replacing a conservatory roof

You’re wondering whether it’s time to give your tired old conservatory a makeover.

If your conservatory is like a greenhouse in summer, but an icebox in winter, we can’t imagine you get much use out of it. A solid replacement roof will modernise your conservatory, provide better insulation and make it energy-efficient!

We’ve made a list of a few essentials to consider when replacing your conservatory roof.

1. Are There Any Problems with the Structure?

Before you ask anyone to do any work on your conservatory, you need to check if there’s any pre-existing damage. If you’ve noticed a leak in your roof, you should get an expert to check for structural damage.

The last thing you want is an installation on an already faulty roof (although our installers would notice faults and stop any work before building commences).

Not everyone is as honest, so do your research and check that your conservatory is ready for a tiled roof system.

2. Is Your Existing Conservatory Strong Enough for a Tiled Roof?

considerations replacement conservatory rof

The simple answer is yes, a tiled roof is a lightweight replacement roof system that has been designed to sit on the existing framework of a typical uPVC or timber conservatory.

The difference in weight compared to a glass roof is around 10kgs per Mt2; the roof is designed to take 70kgs per Mt2 so, unless the frames are in bad condition, it should be fine to replace the roof with a SupaLite roof.

We also offer structural wind posts which attach to the roof and carry all the weight of the roof to the foundations. This takes all of the weight of the roof away from the window frames.

3. Is There Any Internal Damage?

If your conservatory has been leaking or you’ve had a significant build-up of condensation, you’ll want to check for any internal damage such as damp.

While damp doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your tiled roof installed, it could mean that you want to schedule repairs in synchronisation to avoid any further damage.

4. What’s Your Budget?

what to do before replacing a conservatory roof

It would help if you had a ballpark figure of what you want to spend on your conservatory roof.

Consider whether you’re overhauling the inside deco as well, you don’t want to swallow everything with your roof and have nothing left.

We also offer optional extras like spotlights and roof lighting, so you’ll have to factor those into your budget if you’re interested.

5. What Style Suits Your Needs?

Conservatories come in lots of shapes and styles! We can offer a reliable roof solution for any shape or size. Our replacement roofs will transform your conservatory, no matter what style it is.

Perhaps you have a traditional Victorian conservatory or an Edwardian style conservatory? Whatever you’ve got, we’ve got you covered!

Once you’ve picked a style to suit the exterior of your conservatory and house, you can start to think about the interior. What will you use your new room for? The possibilities are endless!

6. How Big is Your Conservatory?

factors affecting a conservatory roof replacement

Before you start commissioning work you should measure the area of your conservatory as this will affect the price and build of your new roof.

Most conservatories are around 3000mm x 3000mm to 5000mm x 5000mm, but it all depends on the shape and whether it’s a custom installation. Keep your measurements handy, so when you speak to an advisor, you can give a clear indication.

7. Do You Want Any Extras?

We have lots of optional extras so that you can create a look that suits you. Enjoy a cool breeze on a summer’s day with a roof vent or brighten up your conservatory with internal and external lighting.

Create the perfect finishing touch for your roof edges and seal your roof against water and wind with flashing.

8. Have You Got a Type of Tile That You Prefer?

tips for replacing a conservatory roof

Choose from a range of ExtraLight or Tapco slate roof tiles. Our ExtraLight Tiles have a natural stone finish and are seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials, while still retaining the same durability and toughness.

You’ll also have the opportunity to pick from various colours, such as chestnut brown, walnut, pewter grey and stone black – so you can get the tile that matches your home.

9. Does a Conservatory Roof Comply With Building Regulations?

Finally, legislation requires the replacement roof to comply with building regulations.

SupaLite can provide all the necessary certificates to ensure peace of mind and keep you on the right side of the local council’s building inspectors.

Ready to Install Your SupaLite Tiled Roof?

If you’re ready to install your roof, give us a call or submit an enquiry on our contact page, and we can discuss your options. If you have any more questions, we’re happy to answer them.




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