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Conservatory Roofs

Transform your home with a SupaLite replacement conservatory roof

Your conservatory is packed with potential. Have you thought about unlocking it? With a SupaLite replacement roof, you can use your conservatory all year round.

Entertain guests with a new dining area, create a serene sitting room that overlooks your garden or a tranquil office space that helps you get in the zone. We'll help you create your dream space with a SupaLite roof.

Use your conservatory 365 days a year

From an outsider’s perspective, a conservatory can look like a functional space. But if you’ve got a glass or polycarbonate roofed conservatory, the chances are you only use it during the milder months of the year.

Traditional conservatories or sun-rooms which have a glass and polycarbonate roofs suffer from extreme temperature fluctuations – meaning they’re unbearably hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter. With a replacement conservatory roof from SupaLite, you can turn your conservatory into a functional room that can be used all year round!

Replacement Conservatory Roof
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five reasons to choose our products image
five reasons to choose our products image

5 Reasons
to choose a SupaLite tiled roof

  • Save money on heating bills
  • We test and improve out roof systems to ensure they meet all building regulation requirements
  • Transforms a conservatory into an extra room
  • Adds significant value to your home
  • Improve your living and entertaining space

Designed to fit around you...

  • Edwardian Roof Style


  • P-Shape Roof Style


  • Victorian 5 Bay Roof Style

    Victorian 5 Bay

  • Victorian Wide Front Roof Style

    Victorian Wide Front

  • Victorian Roof Style


See how the roof works

SupaLite tiled roof systems undergo thorough testing and are subject to extensive research – producing a compliant, resilient product which is compatible with all roof styles.

The lightweight aluminium frame, humidity-proof insulation and custom tiles are tailored to your existing conservatory frame and provide you with a welcome living space free from wind and rain noise, leaks and extreme temperature fluctuations.


Lightweight aluminium ridge beam & tanalised timber batons


Insulated plasterboard


Structural Waterproof Ply


Available in white, caramel, brown or black finish

Unique Fascia

Unique fascia detail can house external LED downlights

Lightweight Tiles

Lightweight tiles or premium slate tiles

Breathable Membrane

SupaLite branded breathable membrane


Lightweight aluminium eaves ring beam

Replacement Conservatory Roof
Creating Reality

Your questions - answered

If you want a habitable building all year round, a SupeLite roof is worth the cost – you’ll get extra space to create a new room in your home. Plus, you can save money on heating bills and add value to your home.

Solid tiled roof replacements or hybrid roof replacements are the best types of roofs because they regulate temperature, blend in with the design of the house and offer extra functional space. Read our guide about conservatory roof options to find out more.

While it certainly isn’t impossible to replace a conservatory roof yourself, you’ll have to consider whether you have the necessary skills and expertise to do it, how much time you have and whether you can afford to get it wrong. Use one of our trusted installers to ensure you receive high-class work.

Times will vary depending on size. But typically, it would take 3 – 4 days to replace your old conservatory roof with a SupaLite conservatory roof on a standard-sized 4m x 4m Edwardian style conservatory. Watch a video of a SupaLite roof installation here.

The cost of your depends on various factors, such as the size of your conservatory, the roof style and the type of roof and design you require. A SupaLite installer will be able to provide you with a quote.

Planning permission is generally not required to install a SupaLite tiled roof if you are only replacing the roof on your existing conservatory. However, if you required permission for your existing conservatory you may need permission to change the roof.

Yes, all SupaLite roofs come with PIR insulated board and insulated plasterboard, supported by a breathable membrane and a waterproof oriented strand board (OSB). Don’t use another company to pre-install any insulation as this will undermine the performance of your SupaLite roof.

High standards and quality products

We give you the assurance that we work with UK standards body such as Corgi, jhai and BRE. We adhere to all codes of practice and notify these companies of our installations, adopting an honest and transparent mindset.

To comply with these schemes, we have to use high-quality products, which is why we work with Extralight and Tapco to tile your replacement conservatory roof. You can read more about our approvals and certifications.

Replacement Conservatory Roof

An energy-efficient replacement conservatory roof

With an insulated solid tiled roof you’ll probably find that your energy bills will go down! Reap the benefits of a more energy-efficient roofing system, one that can be modified to suit your tastes – we can provide a variety of customisable options including tile colour, lighting options, skylights and more.

The SupaLite replacement conservatory roof is fully compliant with building regulations and carries full JHAI type approval.

Replacement Conservatory Roof

Tiles and finishes to suit your style

Choose from our range of tiles and optional extras to give your conservatory or orangery a quality finish that complements your home and lifestyle.

extralight tile

Extralight Tiles

A unique high-performance textured roof tile with exceptional durability - available in a range of colours.

charcoal tile colour finish Charcoal
ember tile colour finish Ember
walnut tile colour finish Walnut
Tapco Slate Tile

Tapco Slate

Low water absorption and mould resistant - slate will look stunning on your conservatory roof, adding a rustic charm.

chestnut brown tile colour finish Chestnut Brown
brick red tile colour finish Brick Red
pewter grey tile colour finish Pewter Grey
stone black tile colour finish Stone Black
plum tile colour finish Plum
  • Extralight tile

    Extralight Tiles

    A new and unique high performance textured roof tile with exceptional durability and available in a range of UK engineered colours.

    charcoal tile colour finish Charcoal
    ember tile colour finish Ember
    walnut tile colour finish Walnut
  • tapco slate tile

    Tapco Slate

    Authentic surfaces and edges, Tapco Slate will look stunning on your conservatory roof and highlight the handsome character of slate.

    chestnut brown tile colour finish Chestnut Brown
    brick red tile colour finish Brick Red
    pewter grey tile colour finish Pewter Grey
    stone black tile colour finish Stone Black
    plum tile colour finish Plum
extras grid image one extras grid image one mobile Exterior & Interior Lights
extras grid image two extras grid image two mobile Vaulted Ceilings
extras grid image three extras grid image three mobile Vents
extras grid image one extras grid image four mobile External Flashings

What our customers think

Andy Marham

Excellent quality and installed in a week from start to finish. We now have a room to use instead of a conservatory that was either too hot or too cold.

Unlock your home's potential

You have the key to unlock the potential to your home and create a unique, customised space that makes you feel comfortable. Request a quote or locate an installer to get more information and get the process underway.




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