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5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Conservatory Roof

A conservatory should be a peaceful retreat where you can sit and watch the world go by, but for many homeowners, it ends up as a no man’s land. Whether caused by extreme heat or chilly drafts – often, these problems can easily be fixed by replacing your conservatory roof. 

Continue reading to see how these common conservatory problems can be resolved by replacing your conservatory roof.

1. There’s No Temperature Control

Sweltering heats in summer and freezing temperatures in winter mean that a lot of homeowners are unable to use their conservatory for most of the year. Even worse – many just accept that this is simply part and parcel of having a conservatory when that isn’t the case! Replacing your old conservatory roof with a new Supalite tiled roof will regulate the temperature year-round.

Typically, glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs provide very little thermal insulation. That means that heat is lost in winter, whilst it is trapped in summer. A Supalite tiled roof, on the other hand, provides very effective thermal insulation. It uses a lightweight aluminium frame, 100mm of insulation, 62mm of insulated plasterboard and a choice of tiled finishes. This will regulate the temperature and ensure that you can enjoy your conservatory all year long!

2. Leaks and Draughts

Now it may sound obvious, but water dripping down the walls and wind whistling through the windows are clear signs that you need to replace your conservatory roof. Such exposure not only makes your conservatory uncomfortable to sit in, but risks damaging the furniture and furnishings as well. Leaks and draughts are often caused by failing sealant, which allows wind and rain to get in through the gaps. Whilst resealing is an option, the problem is likely to occur again as the materials have already been weakened. Replacing your old conservatory roof should ensure that this does not happen again. 

3. Black Mould and Moss

Black mould not only looks bad but can have a serious effect on your health! It’s certainly not something you want in your home. Black mould is most often caused by condensation and can grow anywhere that is warm, humid or damp. Old conservatories with poor ventilation are therefore a prime place for it to grow. 

Dehumidifiers provide a quick fix for condensation, but the encroachment of black mould may signify further problems with the structure of the conservatory. It may be worthwhile investing in a new conservatory roof with proper ventilation to prevent further damage to your conservatory.

Moss on the conservatory roof is another common bugbear for homeowners. Moss will grow anywhere that it’s dark, damp and cold, making it a particular issue over the winter months. Luckily, it can be easily cleaned. There are lots of moss killing products, but you can also just use detergent, warm water and elbow grease.

Alternatively, most window cleaners are likely to offer conservatory cleaning too. However, over time, moss can damage the conservatory roof’s integrity, so you may need to check if it needs replacing – especially if moss has got inside the conservatory.

4. Noise Pollution

Whether you use your conservatory as a home office or somewhere to unwind, you don’t want to hear the whole neighbourhood whilst you’re in there. Glass and polycarbonate roofing provide very little sound insulation, due to the nature of the material. Tiled conservatory roofing, on the other hand, provides excellent soundproofing because there are layers of thick material and insulation involved.

5. You Don’t Like Spending Time In There Anymore

The last, and probably most important way, to tell if your conservatory roof needs replacing is if you simply don’t enjoy sitting in there anymore. If your conservatory has lost its appeal, it might be time to purchase a replacement conservatory roof. A tiled conservatory roof can completely transform your conservatory into a functional, stylish space that you can use all year, not just as the weather dictates. You might use your conservatory as an extra living room, a dining room or a home office. You don’t have to worry about losing light either, as you will still get light through the other windows and doors – and there’s even an option for skylights on the roof. So your conservatory is still a conservatory, just better!

Benefits of Installing a Tiled Conservatory Roof

If you’re thinking of replacing your old conservatory roof, here are just some of the reasons you should consider a Supalite tiled conservatory roof:

  • Maintain a steady temperature year-round – our tiled conservatory roof provides more thermal insulation than glass or polycarbonate roofing.
  • Prevent mould, moss, leaks and draughts from getting in – a new, properly sealed and ventilated conservatory roof will prevent these problems
  • Stop noise pollution – the insulation in tiled roofing not only provides thermal insulation but sound insulation so you can enjoy your conservatory in peace.
  • Add value to your property – tiled conservatory roofs mean that the conservatory can be used year-round, creating an extra room in your property. Plus, it looks good too

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