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Creative Bungalow Extension Ideas: Revamp Your Living Space

Bungalows are a popular choice for many homeowners. Their cosy, intimate interior layouts provide a beautiful homely feel people love. However, as families grow, or our lifestyle changes, we desire a change, but this doesn’t mean you have to move to a new home. 

Are you ready to add extra space, functionality and potential value to your bungalow? Let our bungalow extension ideas inspire a transformation of your home.

Why Choose a Bungalow Extension? 

  • Increased space for living, working or leisure
  • Potential for increased property value 
  • Custom Design 
  • Often a cost-effective alternative to moving
  • Can reduce energy bills
  • Better natural light

Popular Bungalow Extension Ideas

Glass Bungalow Extension Roof – S2 Conservatory Roof

Designed for all types of homes; the S2 Conservatory Roof maximises natural light and thermal efficiency, so you can spend more time in your conservatory. 

Perfect For:

Bungalow owners looking to enhance natural light and living space.


  • Natural Light: enhances the sense of space, creating an open feel
  • Aesthetic Appeal: modern look and feel 
  • Customisable Design: flexible to suit various bungalow architectures
  • Lower Maintenance: the self-cleaning feature of the glass minimises the need for frequent cleaning and upkeep
  • Thermally Efficient: with up to 36mm glazing
  • Incredibly Strong: aluminium frame is built to last
  • Lower Pitch: to fit bungalow

Conservatory Bungalow Extension Roof: The SupaLite Tiled Roof 

Perfect For:

  • Traditional bungalow styles and areas with varied climate conditions
  • Adding both aesthetic and functional space with energy-efficient features


  • Aesthetic Appeal: complements classic bungalow architecture
  • Durability: protects the extension against harsh weather conditions
  • Energy Efficiency: promotes better insulation and ventilation, reducing energy bills
  • Extra Space: potential to create additional usable areas
  • Weather Resistance: sloped design ensures efficient water drainage
  • Longevity: build for lasting quality and performance
  • Complies with Building Regulations: insurance approved, JHAI approved, meets all building regulations

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Examples of Bungalow Extensions

When compiling bungalow extension ideas, aim to strike a balance between aesthetic appeal, functionality and quality construction. Working with skilled professionals and choosing high-quality materials like those from SupaLite roofs will ensure your extension is a valuable addition to your home for years to come.

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