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Celebrating the Retirement of a SupaLite Great: Mick Stewart

Today is a day of mixed emotions here at SupaLite as we celebrate a truly momentous occasion. After 10 years of dedicated service, our esteemed colleague and Operations Director, Mick Stewart, is retiring. Today, Mick will be embarking on his exciting and well-deserved new life chapter as he enters retirement.

Since joining our team in 2014, Mick has been an integral part of our journey and success. His unwavering commitment, positive attitude, and heartfelt dedication have not only propelled our company forward, but also built lasting relationships with many of you, our valued customers.

As we celebrate Mick’s retirement, we reflect on the countless contributions he has made.

The Beginning

Mick’s SupaLite journey began 10 years ago. Managing Director, Steve Hacking and Mick had worked together in previous companies and remained in touch. Steve called Mick in June 2014, mentioning a promising opportunity for someone interested in expanding their business.

It looked an exciting prospect, and he was after an experienced management team to help facilitate the growth.

Steve and Mick met Group Chairman, Dave Watters, and he explained his vision for the business.

Mick was impressed with the company’s plans and began his SupaLite journey (then Celtic Vista) on 11th August 2014, initially starting as Production Manager. He soon got promoted to Production Director in December 2015 and promoted to Operations Director in 2022.

Memorable and Unforgettable Contributions

Throughout his decade-long career with SupaLite, Mick has achieved numerous milestones that stand as a testament to his hard work and dedication.

A standout contribution was enrolling all company managers on a management training course. As businesses grow, barriers can develop. This helps break them down and create more of a team ethic, enabling us to build constructive working relationships.

He also helped us acquire our head office, main site, and a further warehouse site, totaling three sites!

Who can forget Mick’s incredible mentorship. He has mentored countless colleagues, sharing his expertise, helping to create and foster a collaborative and supportive work environment.

Mick’s Career Highlights in His Own Words

I have experienced many career highlights during my time at SupaLite. Among them, three stand out the most. Firstly, I am so proud of being part of something special. I was made to feel part of the SupaLite team from the get-go.

Secondly, I’ve been so lucky to work with a brilliant team of directors, managers, and staff. Lastly, seeing the company grow and expanding the operation from one to three sites is truly gratifying.

A Goodbye from the Man Himself

‘‘When I look back over a management career spanning over 40 years, the last 10 years have been extraordinarily special. I’m proud to be part of the SupaLite family and to have helped the Directors, Senior Management Team and staff develop the business into the Market Leader we are today.

I wish each and every employee the very best for the future.’’

Take a Look at Some of Mick’s Best Bits!

A Heartfelt Farewell

Thank you for everything you have done for us Mick. Your legacy here will never be forgotten, know that you leave behind a company that is better because of your contributions.

We can’t wait to see you enjoying your new adventures and all the wonderful things you deserve.

We’ll miss you. Happy retirement.




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