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SupaLite Tiled Roof System

The popularity of tiled conservatory roofs is on the rise

The popularity of tiled conservatory roofs is on the rise

With homeowners realising the benefits of replacing their original polycarbonate or glass roof, such as the conservatory becoming a more comfortable and usable space, and feeling like a true extension of the home. However, it is vital to make the right choice when it comes to deciding which conservatory roof system to go with in order to access these benefits long-term.

Unfortunately, there are several conservatory roof installers out there who offer cheap clad over roof systems. This usually means they are not actually replacing your conservatory roof, but are (as the name suggests) cladding over your original conservatory roof with a mixture of timber, tiles, plasterboard and an insulation material. Although the roof may initially look good quality, this shoddy method can lead to disastrous consequences down the line, as a conservatory frame just isn’t strong enough to bear the weight of what are essentially two roofs.

However, there are precautions you can take to confirm that you are choosing a suitable, safe and excellent quality replacement roof. Before you decide on which installer and system to go with, ensure you’ve asked these crucial questions…

Conservatory Graphic
Conservatory Graphic
Conservatory Graphic

Does the roof come with a guarantee or warranty?

A SupaLite tiled replacement roof comes with a 10-year guarantee. We provide our installers with a guarantee, which they in turn pass onto the homeowner.

Fully insulated and energy efficient

Bespoke to your home

Low maintenance

40 year guarantee on SupaLite tiles

Designed to fit around you…

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Is the roof lightweight and structurally proven, even when there is heavy snowfall?

As our name suggests, SupaLite tiled roof systems are incredibly lightweight and have been specially developed to be appropriate for your existing conservatory. Our Extralight tiles have been thoroughly tested by the British Research Establishment, so you can rest assured that they are fit for purpose.

Installation Process

Installation Process

Installation Process

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Installation Process

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Do I get a choice of tiles and extras?

Our installers will offer you a choice of tile and slate colours and a full range of colour matching fascias, soffits and gutters, so that you can ensure your conservatory complements your home and feels like a permanent space.

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Extralight Tiles

A new and unique high performance textured roof tile with exceptional durability and available in a range of UK engineered colours.

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Tapco Slate

Authentic surfaces and edges, Tapco Slate will look stunning on your tiled conservatory roof and highlights the handsome character of slate.

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What certifications and approvals does the roof have?

The SupaLite tiled roof system has been tailored and thoroughly tested to guarantee it meets all building regulations and requirements. For example, it is certified by the CORGI Fenestration scheme and has a Building Regulations Approval from JHAI Ltd.

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Is the roof thermally efficient?

The SupaLite tiled roof system is fully insulated, so that your conservatory will be cool in the summer and warm during the winter, meaning you can save on your energy bills and enjoy your conservatory whatever the season. Building regulations require a minimum u-value of 0.18, which Supalite achieves.

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I wish the SupaLite roof had been fitted when we first bought our conservatory. It would have made a huge difference to the amount of use our family could have had during the past 15 years.

Discover the potential

The bottom line is that if a quote seems too good to be true, it’s usually because it is! Don’t be fooled by a cheap clad over roof, invest in a SupaLite replacement roof and benefit from the extensive testing and development we have put into our roof systems. When choosing the SupaLite tiled roof system, you are choosing the best quality on the market, and thus, valuable peace of mind and customer satisfaction – as your conservatory will doubtlessly become a practical, year-round living space, and add value to your home.

(Independent valuations on a property in East Lancashire indicated an increase in value from £210,000 to £235,000 by upgrading the conservatory from a polycarbonate roof to a Supalite roof complete with Building Regulation Certificate.) Get in touch for more information, or find your local installer today!




SupaLite Tiled Roof System