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Which SupaLite Product Is Right For Me?

Are you looking for a conservatory roof replacement? We know that it can be a little overwhelming, as you face industry jargon like ‘U-Value’ and ‘JHAI approved’ which probably means nothing to you. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, so you can find which SupaLite product is right for you.

We have the best tiled conservatory roofs on the market, which allow you to enjoy your conservatory all year round. All of our products are Building Regulation approved and tested to rigorous industry standards. Our portfolio includes tiled conservatory roofs, slate conservatory roofs, orangery roofs, extension roofs, optional glass panels and a new range of garden buildings.

All of our products can be retrofitted to existing conservatories, saving you the expense of construction or fitted to a new build. They are also suitable for all shapes and styles of conservatory, including Lean-To, Double Hipped, Edwardian, Victorian and Gable End. Take a look at our full portfolio below and find the SupaLite product that’s right for you.

Lightweight Tiled Roof

Our Lightweight Tiled Conservatory Roof is our best-known product! It is constructed from a lightweight aluminium frame and layered with over 100mm of insulation, insulated plasterboard and a waterproof membrane. It is finished with a choice of Extralight shingle tiles, available in a range of colours to match existing brickwork. Inside, the ceiling is complete with seamless plastering and spotlights, so you can sit in your conservatory well into the night.

The Lightweight Tiled Roof has the very best insulation on the market, with added protection against humidity and dampness. This keeps your conservatory at a steady temperature all year round, so you can enjoy your conservatory whatever the weather. It’s an investment that saves money on your energy bills and adds value to your home.

You can completely personalise your Lightweight Tiled Roof, with a choice of colours and additional features. Our ExtraLight tiles are available in Charcoal, Ember and Walnut, so your conservatory will look like an extension of the home. You can also add SkyVista Glass Panels to maximise light.

Lightweight Slate Roof

Our Lightweight Slate Roof has the same amount of insulation and protection as above, it’s just finished with our Tapco slate tiles instead. These are lightweight slate-effect tiles, which have a more traditional look than our Extralight tiles. We have a great choice of colours available, including Chestnut Brown, Pewter Grey, Stone Black, Brick Red and Plum.

ILite Roof 

The ILite Roof is a great choice if you want to maximise light in your conservatory or single story extension. The ILite Roof captures that traditional orangery feel with all the modern thermal technology of a SupaLite Roof.

The ILite Orangery roof has been constructed with timber I-beams, which are lighter than traditional timber but just as long-lasting. The flat roof has over 170mm of insulation, whilst the glass lantern that sits on top has 28mm of glazing. That means you can enjoy the extra light, without losing any heat. Available in numerous shapes and sizes to fit your roof, the elevated glass lantern also creates a sense of height and space. As it is a flat roof, it will be finished with your choice of waterproof cladding to protect against rain and dampness.

Pitched Roof Orangery

Our Pitched Roof Orangery is another great choice if you want to maximise light, but is more like a classic orangery than the ILite Roof. The Pitched Roof Orangery is on an angle, whereas the ILite is flat. It can also be finished with our ExtraLight or Tapco tiles so that it is in keeping with the rest of your home. We’d recommend the Pitched Roof Orangery if you want a more traditional look.

SkyVista Glass Panel

Many homeowners are concerned that a tiled conservatory roof will make their conservatory feel dark and dingy. A SkyVista Glass Panel can alleviate these concerns, allowing homeowners to enjoy natural light with the added benefits of thermal efficiency.

Our SkyVista Glass Panel can be added to either our Lightweight Tiled Roof or Lightweight Slate Roof. It is available in a rectangular shape and a range of sizes. It can also be arranged on your conservatory in a number of ways, whether you want the panels facing the same direction or on both sides of your conservatory. Speak to your installer and they should be able to advise you.

S1 Roof Lantern

Our S1 Roof Lantern is another great way to let more light into your conservatory! Unlike the SkyVista, it is a roof lantern rather than a glass panel. That means that it’s built at an elevated pitch (25° to be exact) and can capture light from every angle. So not only does it add light, but it adds extra height as well. That makes it a great choice if you’re concerned about your conservatory feeling small and cramped.
The S1 Roof Lantern brightens your living space, without compromising on warmth and comfort. It is built using our Thermlock® technology, which seals your windows against draughts, leaks and heat loss. There’s 28mm of glazing, which exceeds the industry standard of 25mm. It has also been designed with security in mind, with anti-theft features like anti-tamper screws and our own unique glass lock. So you can enjoy more light, without worrying about warmth or security.

Garden Buildings

We’ve launched our very own garden building range, using our construction expertise to create stylish, durable garden buildings. Our garden buildings are multipurpose and can be used for everything from storage to garden offices. Just adapt them to suit your style and purpose. 

All of our garden buildings are made from durable, sustainable steel, which means your garden building will be there for years to come. That also means less maintenance, as there’s no need to touch up the paintwork. They are designed for quick and easy DIY, with pre-assembled parts you can just slip together. Check out our full range below!

The Eleganto

The Eleganto garden building is ideal for storage or a workshop. It is sleek and stylish, with small perplex windows and ventilation. It is available in a range of sizes, from a compact 4.3㎡ to a large 19.3㎡. You can also get an Eleganto Duo with two buildings side by side, which is great for the construction of new homes or if you want to split the space for different uses.

The Luminato

The Luminato has been designed as a garden office, but could also be used as a home gym or art studio depending on your needs. It has floor-to-ceiling perplex windows to maximise natural light and create an inspiring space. It ranges in size from 5.7㎡ to 19.3㎡.

The Open Lounge

The open lounge combines the Eleganto garden building with a canopy-like structure. It’s the ultimate in al fresco living! The Eleganto can be used for storage, whilst the open lounge is the perfect spot for a hot tub or garden lounge. The canopy roof offers protection from rain, whilst the open walls allow you to really enjoy the view.

The Closed Lounge

The closed lounge also combines the Eleganto garden building with a canopy-like structure, but offers more protection from the elements with 3 closed walls. It’s still a great spot for a garden lounge or a hot tub, which means you can enjoy your garden all year round.


Our garage is made in the same stylish steel, easy to construct and more affordable than other options on the market. Store your car in here to keep it safe off the streets. Built with a traditional opening garage door and available in the sizes 19.3㎡ or 25.5㎡.


We also provide steel fencing to match your garden building. It’s great for privacy and keeps your garden coordinated. 

We hope this guide has helped you find the SupaLite product that’s right for you. Please also check the respective product page if you want any more information, or get in touch with our sales team at [email protected] or call us on 01772 828060.

If you have already decided which product suits you best, please request a quote below.




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