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A Truly Modern Living Space

Sarah Beeny SupaLite Roof

Create a Truly Modern Living Space by Converting Your Conservatory

It is estimated that there are over 4 million conservatories in the UK. A vast majority of the owners who originally bought them, or inherited them when they moved house during the 1980’s, 90’s and the noughties would probably agree that they get little use out of them – too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer.

But now there is a way to convert these often unloved and largely unused rooms and create a truly modern all year round living space in your home – say hello to solid roofs.

The Next Generation of Conservatory Roof

The next generation of conservatory roof is here – and in truth has been for last five years, and it is not just for new conservatory installations. It has been purposely and cleverly designed to help homeowners convert their existing conservatories into modern light and airy rooms suitable for all year round living.

Supalite Roofs are among the market leaders when it comes to designing, manufacturing and installing this new style of roof. They operate throughout the UK utilising a network of ‘very strictly’ approved retail outlets. Why ‘very strictly’ approved retailers rather than just ‘approved retailers’ which so many companies supplying the consumer market across a range of products offer?

It is because roof conversions come under Building Regulations – and is a point all homeowners should understand. Supalite approved retailers are trained to fully understand the regulations and the process of compliance to ensure that all installations comply fully with the legal requirements laid down for them.

But don’t let this put you off! Your approved retailer will make all the necessary arrangements and complete all the planning documents – you just need to enjoy the opportunities which a newly converted conservatory will bring.

Outstanding insulation which keeps the room warm in the winter and cold in the summer is just the start point, a choice of natural colour tiles externally gives you the opportunity to personalise your new roof to your individual tastes, spectacular vaulted ceilings internally, and downlighters both inside and out help to convert your existing, largely unused conservatory into a stunning and truly modern living space.

Solid roofs come in all the standard styles of existing conservatory roofs so no job is beyond conversion; and if you don’t have a conservatory currently but are thinking of getting one, then Supalite Roofs are suitable for new-build as well. Why not look at the stunning designs available for both conversion projects and new-build installations on the company’s website, including their fabulous orangeries

Home-owner Beware!

Sadly, as with many industries there are those in the solid roof supplier market who offer a ‘short cut’ offering where they simply clad over the existing conservatory roof. But conservatories were only ever designed to take the weight of the original roof, not the original roof PLUS the weight of a new solid tiled roof.

It is something homeowners should be very aware of and not fall foul of – it is the home-owner’s responsibility to make sure their home complies with the appropriate regulations.

There are no indemnity insurances which cover this, and trying to sell your home in the future with a roof which is not approved under building regulations will delay the sale and could cost you a lot of money to have the job put right. The existing conservatory roof needs to be removed completely before the new one is fitted to make it legal, safe and structurally sound.

Supalite Roofs is an active campaigner raising awareness of the dangers to the homeowner of clad over roofs. For more information look at




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