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Meet the Team: Steve Bradley Spotlight

Welcome to our Meet the Team series!

At SupaLite, we believe that the heartbeat of our success lies in the dedication, passion, and expertise of our incredibly talented team. Behind every accomplishment, there are valued individuals who bring our ideas to life, and without our team, we wouldn’t be the company we are today.

In our monthly ‘Meet the Team’ series, we’re shining a spotlight on our exceptional employees who make the magic happen every day.

This month, we’re celebrating Steve Bradley, a true asset to SupaLite!

What Is Your Job Title and Job Role?

I am the Warehouse Manager at our Charnley Fold site. My role entails overseeing the smooth operation of the warehouse, maintaining accurate stock control, and performing various general warehousing tasks.

How Long Have You Been Working at SupaLite?

I have worked at SupaLite for 8 years & 2 months. It’s gone so fast!

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Role?

I thoroughly enjoy collaborating not only with my team, but also offering support and assistance to others across the entire company as needed.

How Do You Inspire Your Team?

With motivation and appreciating the work they do every day as a team and as individuals.

What Challenges Do Your Team Face and How Do You Overcome Them?

There are many challenges my team have been tasked with. These include the new system of Sage 200 and the responsibilities to the individuals in using the handheld scanners. They have great knowledge in the understanding on how to look for any possible discrepancies, helping to make sure things are correct and accurate.

I believe in helping them with training and understanding of products or tasks. Knowledge is key and I find sharing this creates a better workforce and less chance of mistakes occurring.

What Is Your Most Memorable Moment from Your Time at SupaLite So Far?

I would have to say one of my most memorable moments was being part of a skeleton crew of staff that returned to work early through the Covid crisis. This was a struggling time for all, with many changes to people’s lives.

I was part of a team helping out a lot at our Bradkirk site, with the responsibility of keeping our warehouse team supplied with stock to make the roofs. I was soon transferred to oversee this site.

During this time, SupaLite started getting busier than we have ever been. This was a struggle for many suppliers and very challenging obtaining stock, as other companies were also operating with skeleton crews.

This was a very challenging time of my work at SupaLite, but very rewarding also.

Valuing Our Employees

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the years Steve. We’re looking forward to celebrating many more!

We’re fortunate to have an incredible team of individuals here at SupaLite. They all play a vital role in driving our success for the future.

Stay tuned for more ‘Meet the Team’ spotlights as we showcase the amazing individuals behind the scenes!




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