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Meet the Team: Ewa Zbyszynski Spotlight

In our monthly ‘Meet the Team’ series, we’re shining a spotlight on our exceptional employees who make the magic happen every day.

This month, we’re celebrating Ewa Zbyszynski, an invaluable member of the SupaLite team! Follow her journey from starting as a temp almost a decade ago, to becoming the beating heart of our Accounts Department.

What Is Your Job Title and Job Role?

I am the Accounts Manager here at SupaLite. I look after the accounts and HR department. My role is quite diverse, featuring everything from inputting orders, credit control, accounts payable to closing month, preparing year end, audit, weekly wages, etc.

How Long Have You Been Working at SupaLite?

I started almost 10 years ago, in November 2014 through an employment agency.  In February 2015, I became a permanent member of staff, and the rest, as they say, is history!

What Do You Love Most About Your Role?

I absolutely love that there is never a dull moment. Each day is unique, and offers something new. This is my favourite aspect about my role.

What’s Your Best Achievement So Far at SupaLite?

Over the years, there’s been so many achievements and successes I’m immensely proud of, so it’s hard to pick one! I would say my top three achievements are:

  • Implementing the Sage 200 accounting software
  • Taking on the role of manager
  • Joining a group that aspires to SupaLite’s expansion and success

What’s Your Favourite Work Memory?

I would definitely have to say my first Christmas Do. I was only with the company for one month, they made me feel welcomed and accepted me as part of SupaLite family straight from the start. Even 10 years later, that memory has a huge impact on me.

How Much Have You Developed from When You Started at SupaLite, To Where You Are Now?

The journey has been incredible, and looking back, it’s so rewarding to see how far I’ve come. I started as a part time Accounts Assistant, grew with the company, and became Accounts Manager, looking after my own team.

What an amazing journey it’s been so far.

If You Could Describe Working at SupaLite In 3 Words, What Would They Be?

Challenging, varied, and rewarding.

Fun Facts About You

I absolutely love black coffee, and you will often hear me saying my favourite phrase; ‘’It is what it is’’.

Our Supa Team Members

Thank you for 10 amazing years Ewa. We can’t wait to celebrate many more!

We’re so lucky to have a Supa team of incredible people who are continuously helping to shape the future of SupaLite.

Stay tuned for more ‘Meet the Team’ spotlights as we showcase the amazing individuals behind the scenes!




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