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A decade of roofing excellence: SupaLite turns ten

Preston-based roof specialists SupaLite are celebrating their 10-year anniversary this year.

The renowned SupaLite Tiled Roof System was launched in 2012 in the retrofit and new conservatory market. Since then tens of thousands of the product have been sold, providing installers with a lightweight, easy to install and desirable solid roof solution for homeowners nationwide.

The product has evolved in the last 10 years into a well-crafted design which features lightweight aluminium frames, humidity-proof insulation and custom tiles. The latest SupaLite system is compliant, resilient and compatible with various roof styles.

“Since we began in 2012, we’ve repeatedly tweaked our product range to make sure we’re creating a first-class product for our customers,” explains David Watters, Group Chairman at SupaLite.

“We continuously look at our offering and think about what we can do to make sure the SupaLite roof doesn’t stand still and instead, constantly evolves so it’s better, faster and easier to fabricate and install. And, that’s why we’re still going strong a decade later.

“Over the years, we’ve seen lots of opportunities in the market to create new high-quality products and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve completed thorough research, extensive testing and as a result we’ve developed specially manufactured solutions like SkyVista, SkyElevate and, Flat Roof and Tiled Roof Orangery Systems.”

As well as focusing on the complete tiled roof system, SupaLite has also reviewed its own manufacturing process in the last 10 years to make it as simple as possible for installers, as David explains.

“One of the biggest operational changes we’ve made since launching back in 2012 has been our investment in CNC machinery. We created manufacturing software which allows us to digitally generate orders before production to make our system more accurate. The changes also meant we could offer an unrivalled flat pack to installers, reducing the amount of time they spend during assembly and on site.”

From designing bespoke manufacturing software to setting up a dedicated registered installer scheme and creating a whole suite of new products, the SupaLite team has been incredibly busy in the last decade – and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

“As we mark our 10-year anniversary, we’re looking ahead to the future and we’re pleased to announce we have some exciting plans in the pipeline. Not only are we working on the next generation SupaLite Roof System, but we’re also developing a new innovative trade and retail app which we’re hoping to launch in a few months’ time,” adds David.

“At the end of last year, we were finally able to get back out on the road to meet with our customers face-to-face. We’re excited to be hitting the road again in May to attend this year’s FIT Show where we’ll be able to celebrate 10 years of SupaLite in style and in person with our customers.

“It’s not all been plain sailing since we launched in 2012. The last two years alone have thrown some new challenges our way but we battled through. Despite the supply chain disruption, we were able to successfully maintain our 10-day lead time for all our customers – which is one of our proudest achievements.

“It’s been a great first ten years, we’ve accomplished so much with our products and as a business. We’re continuing to make investments in a number of areas to really help us drive to new heights in the future and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next decade has in store.”

Trusted by fabricators and installers across the UK, SupaLite Tiled Roof Systems are fully accredited by JHAI for Building Regulations approval and offer a cost-effective solution that converts traditional conservatories into useable living spaces all-year-round.

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