Conservatory Roof Conversion

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SupaLite Tiled Roof System

Supalite Conservatory Roof Conversions

Conservatory Roof Conversion.

Create a year round living space with a Supaliteroof conservatory roof conversion. If your conservatory is tired, noisy and unusable in summer or winter, a highly insulated tiled roof is the answer.

Give your conservatory a new look and feel with improved energy efficiency and modern aesthetics.

Contemporary comfort

A highly insulated tiled conservatory roof delivers exceptional energy efficiency, turning your conservatory into a premium living space. Whether you want to create a home office or an entertaining space, a conservatory roof conversion is the smart home improvement solution when you want to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Lightweight aluminium ridge beam & tanalised timber batons


Lightweight aluminium rafters with tanalised timber batons.


Insulated plasterboard


PIR Insulated board


Structural Waterproof Ply


Available in white, caramel, brown or black finish

Unique Fascia

Unique fascia detail can house external LED downlights

Lightweight Tiles

Lightweight tiles or premium slate tiles

Breathable Membrane

SupaLite branded breathable membrane


Lightweight aluminium eaves ring beam

Conservatory Roof Conversion
Conservatory Roof Conversion

Benefits of a SupaLite tiled roof:

  • Retains warmth in the winter, but remains cool on warm, sunny days
  • Virtually burglar-proof
  • Never leaks, and doesn’t make lots of noise when it rains
  • Protects against glare, and doesn’t need to be regularly cleaned



Unlock potential

Bring the outside in with the ultimate indoor/outdoor space. Unlock the potential of an underused space to add value to your home with a conservatory roof conversion that adds a feeling of permanence and style.

Then enjoy your year round living space with lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

Conservatory Roof Conversion
SupaLite Tiled Roof System

Create a truly modern living space

The SupaLite lightweight conservatory roof system has been designed to be installed as a retro fit onto existing conservatory window frames. A SupaLite tiled roof will convert your conservatory into a useable all year round living space with amazing insulating properties. Our replacement conservatory roofs are compatible with all conservatory designs and will dramatically change the look and feel of your home. Fall in love with your conservatory again and replace the roof with our state of the art, lightweight tiled conservatory roof system.

Calm and quiet.

Turn a noisy conservatory into a calm and quiet retreat, just right for a yoga studio or hobby room.

A tiled conservatory roof eliminates annoying ambient noise from wind, rain and wildlife, cocooning you in calm and comfort. And because your conservatory roof conversion eliminates virtually all the glare associated with glass or polycarbonate roofs, you’ll have a living space that’s truly private and peaceful.



Conservatory Roof Conversion

Choice of tiles to suit your tastes.

Available in a Choice of 3 Colours
ExtraLight Tiles
Available in a Choice of 3 Colours

ExtraLight Tiles

A new and unique high performance textured roof tile with exceptional durability and available in a range of UK engineered colours.

  • 7 times lighter than traditional roofing materials
  • Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions
  • Only metal single tile that is tested by BRE down to 10°
  • Requires virtually no maintenance
  • Natural Stone Finish
  • 40 year weatherproof guarantee


Tapco Slate

Authentic surfaces and edges, Tapco Slate will look stunning on your tiled conservatory roof and highlights the handsome character of slate.

  • A-Rated Fire Composite Slate
  • Created with moulds cast from real slate to capture genuine peaks and curves
  • UV stabilisation to ensure “stay-true” colour richness
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Tapco Slate

Available in a Choice of 4 Colours
Tapco Slate
Available in a Choice of 4 Colours
Building Regulations

Safe and secure.

A conservatory roof conversion delivers safety and security a glass roof or polycarbonate roofed conservatory simply can’t match.

With features including hard to remove tiles, burglar resistant glazing and exterior LED security lighting, enjoy complete peace of mind with a Supalite roof.


Add the finishing touches

Create a look that you’ll love with our optional roof features for your SupaLite orangery roof,

Roof Vents
Roof Vents

A bright room can make a small room seem much more spacious and airy. Our roof vent windows will increase and maximise natural light.

Internal & External Lighting
Internal & External Lighting

Light up your orangery with a choice of internal and external lighting.

External Flashings
External Flashings

Flashing ensures good drainage away from the window and provides extra protection from the elements.

Useful Information

Download our SupaLite info packs and learn more about SupaLite conservatory roofs.
SupaLite Tiled Roof System

Your questions - answered

Got a burning question? Want to find out more about our SupaLite roof systems? You’ll find all the answers to your questions below...
What is the weight, per square meter, for a SupaLite tiled roof?

The weight of the tiled roof is 46kg per m2, however, this may vary by roof style.

Do I get a guarantee with the SupaLite roof? If so, how long does this last and what is covered in the guarantee?

We provide a 10-year product guarantee on our SupaLite roofs. This is from SupaLite to the installer who will then pass this on to you.

Typically, how long does it take to install the SupaLite conservatory roof?

Typically, it would take 3 – 4 days to install a SupaLite conservatory roof for a standard sized 4m × 4m Edwardian style conservatory.

Do I need to get planning permission to install a SupaLite conservatory roof?

Planning permission is generally not required to install a SupaLite conservatory roof, if you are only replacing the roof on your existing conservatory. However, if your existing conservatory needed permission you may need permission to change the

Fit and forget.

A lightweight conservatory roof conversion gives you one less maintenance task to worry about.

There’s no excess load to stress your conservatory construction and no more climbing ladders to keep your conservatory roof clean. Designed and tested to JHAI standards and supplied with a 25-year guarantee on tiles with a 50-year life expectancy, your Supalite roof truly lets you fit and forget.

Simply contact us today to find out more on 01772 828060.

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SupaLite Tiled Roof System