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Lean-to Conservatory With A Solid Roof

The SupaLite Roof transforms your conservatory into a year-round living space, blending innovative design with practicality and style, all while ensuring energy efficiency and compliance with the highest standards.

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Lean-To Conservatory with Solid Roof

The popularity of lean-to conservatories comes from their appealing aesthetic and practical design.

  • Ideal for properties with limited space, such as bungalows or terraced houses.
  • Their low-pitched roof design easily fits into smaller areas.
  • The rectangular shape maximises your available space, creating a roomy addition to your home.

The Benefits of a SupaLite Tiled Roof

  • Daylight Boost: The SupaLite Roof offers a unique SkyVista glass panel option, designed to maximise natural light in your conservatory. This feature brightens your space, creating a more open and inviting atmosphere.
  • Unmatched Insulation for Ultimate Comfort: With an impressive U-value of 0.15 (and option of 0.12) the SupaLite roof stands out for its superior insulation capabilities. This top-tier thermal efficiency not only enhances comfort but also contributes to a more energy-efficient home.
  • Quality and Compliance You Can Trust: Each SupaLite roof is backed by JHAI approval and complies with rigorous building regulations. This commitment to quality ensures you receive a product that meets the highest reliability and industry compliance standards. See our approvals and certification here.
  • Energy Efficiency: Upgrading to a SupaLite roof can increase your energy efficiency. It’s up to 15 times more effective than traditional options, potentially reducing your annual energy bills by as much as £200.
  • Tailored to Your Style : Customisation is key with SupaLite. Choose from colour-matched fascias, soffits, and gutters, along with various tile and slate options, to ensure your new conservatory roof perfectly complements your home’s existing style.

What Makes the SupaLite Tiled Roof Superior?

  • Remarkable u-value of 0.15 (with an optional 0.12 u-value available)
  • A waterproof membrane
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Customisable ExtraLight tile or slate
  • 185mm of moisture-resistant insulation
  • Available in the style of Edwardian, Victorian, Lean-to or P-shape.

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Why choose us?

  • “We had a few doubts about the difference the SupaLite roof would make to our conservatory. We were wrong and can give our feedback to SupaLite; it is the best thing we have bought for a very long time. It really does offer all the benefits we were promised”
  • "Brilliant well-engineered system. Really pleased with the quality."
  • “I wish the SupaLite roof had been fitted when we first bought our conservatory. It would have made a huge difference to the amount of use our family could have had during the past 15 years”
  • “By fitting a SupaLite roof we have reduced glare, rain and ambient external noise, maintenance but above all else it has eliminated the extreme temperature fluctuations of the UK seasonal weather”

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Creating Reality

Your questions - answered

Yes, you can put a solid roof on a lean-to conservatory. Conservatories fall under the category of 'Permitted Development,' which typically means they don't require planning permission. However, this comes with specific conditions.
In May 2019, the UK Government revised the Permitted Conservatory Development Rights. This change now allows homeowners in England to construct more extensive extensions than before, without the need for planning permission, offering more flexibility and freedom in home improvement projects. For more information, read A Guide to Building Regulations for Your Conservatory (

Considering a solid roof for your conservatory? The benefits are substantial. Solid roof installations excel in thermal efficiency, ensuring your conservatory remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

This upgrade significantly boosts heat retention, leading to noticeable savings on heating bills. The enhanced insulation provided by a solid roof means your conservatory space stays warm and cosy, effectively reducing energy costs.

You can buy a conservatory with a solid roof through SupaLite. Our solid roofs are designed as a durable, high-quality solution that can withstand the elements and improve the longevity of your conservatory, all while providing the aesthetic appeal and functionality you desire.

Thanks to superior insulation, a SupaLite tiled roof can help regulate the temperature during both summer and winter. By installing a SupaLite roof, you're also investing in energy efficiency. The improved insulation means that heat is retained much more effectively, which can lead to substantial savings on your heating bills.




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