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Shining a Spotlight on the Contemporary SupaLite SkyVista Project


Project Overview

Installed by the best- Apple and Oak are award-winning SupaLite registered installers working across Surrey, Wimbledon, Epsom, Twickenham, Banstead and South London. Specialising in conservatory roof replacement, they have been an independent installer of the SupaLite roof for 3+ years.

In Epsom last year, the Apple and Oak team collaborated on a contemporary conservatory project. The homeowner opted for a SupaLite Titled Roof System with a Tapco slate finish, complemented with the addition of a SkyVista glass panel.

Products used:

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An in-depth look into the SupaLite Roof and SkyVista Glass Panel

For a seamless connection between the extension and the home, the SupaLite SkyVista offers the perfect blend of a tiled roof system and cutting-edge glass panel technology. Its exceptional u-value properties and efficient solar control allow you to maintain the ideal temperature in your extension.

SkyVista Glass Panel features:

The SkyVista harnesses natural light, reflecting 60% of solar heat while still allowing 45% of natural light to flood the space. This innovation provides superior insulation against heat loss and minimises noise pollution. The addition of high-vaulted ceilings, complemented by premium plastering and additional spotlights, elevates the look of your home.

Benefits of the SkyVista Glass Panel:

  • Preserves overhead natural light
  • Insulates your home against heat loss and noise pollution
  • Cool on hot days, warm on cold days
  • Self-cleaning glass
  • Building regulation approved (JHAI)
  • Gives your home the “WOW” factor

SupaLite Roof features:

The SupaLite roof uses a lightweight aluminium frame, 185mm of moisture-resistant insulation, a waterproof membrane and robust tiles, ensuring a durable roof capable of withstanding all types of weather conditions!

Benefits of the SupaLite Roof:

  • Fast installation
  • Engineered for warmth and comfort
  • Reduces the majority of glare
  • Energy efficient
  • Enhances your property’s value
  • Building regulation approved
  • Offers versatile configurations
  • Available in a variety of ExtraLight tile or slate colours
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