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I’m in Love with My New Garden Room! Vantage Transforms Picturesque Lodge with SupaLite Roof


Premium SupaLite installers, Vantage Conservatory Roof Solutions are committed to bringing your dream conservatory to life. With over 30 years’ experience, this family-run business is passionate about delivering exceptional, bespoke conservatory roof replacements, which has established them as a market leader in home improvements.

Vantage offers the ideal solutions, using only the most innovative materials on the market. When it comes to your conservatory, they guarantee excellence and promise top quality finishes. We recently partnered with Vantage Conservatory Roof Solutions as they transformed and breathed new life into a beautiful Rapps Lodge, leaving the customer in awe of their brand-new garden room.

Project Overview

Mrs Unwin was looking for a replacement conservatory roof due to experiencing leaks, noise concerns and fluctuating temperatures. Upon searching for a conservatory roof change, she found Vantage Conservatory Roof Solutions. After reading the 5-star reviews, she called for an initial chat and booked an appointment there and then.

After visiting the customer, Vantage Conservatory Roof Solutions suggested the solution to the
homeowners’ problems; a SupaLite Tiled Roof. Before long, the new roof was fitted on the cottage, leaving the customer ecstatic with the results. They now have a garden room they can enjoy all year round.

Products used:

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Working with Vantage Conservatory Roof Solutions to Provide a Solution

We worked closely with Vantage to help create the perfect roof for the customer. As soon as we received the detailed drawings, our team began building the bespoke roof.

During the manufacturing stage, we ensured the roof is cut to the exact sizes requested and in kit form ready to be delivered within 7 days.
Vantage Conservatory Roof Solutions are a trusted Premium SupaLite installer. Collaborating with them is always an enjoyable honour.


Feedback from homeowners and installers… 

  • “I’m absolutely in love my new garden room!”

    Homeowner, Mrs Unwin
  • We were approached by the customer back in 2023 who had leaks and other typical issues with her existing conservatory roof. After a chat through her ‘wish list’ we agreed for myself to pop in and run through options of a SupaLite Roof.

    On arrival I noticed a picturesque Rapps Lodge with an existing polycarbonate roof. She raised her concerns around noise, hot or cold, issues with bugs etc. and constantly having to clean the roof, which was becoming more and more difficult for her.

    We discussed all these details and ran through the benefits of a new SupaLite Roof which would give not only a thermal benefit but also rid her of the negatives mentioned. I also ran through the benefits it would have on appearance and an internally plastered ceiling, making it all feel more like an extension rather than a conservatory.

    Installer, Vantage Conservatory Roof Solutions

Why Choose a SupaLite Roof?

Convert your existing traditional conservatory into an all-year-round living space with a SupaLite Tiled Roof!

  • Keeps conservatories cool on sunny days, even in direct sunlight
  • Extra security and peace of mind as tiles can withstand attempted removal
  • Prevents any leaks with watertight installation
  • Minimises noise from rain, wind and wildlife
  • Eliminates most glare experienced with polycarbonate or glass roofs
  • Minimal maintenance, reducing the need to climb ladders to clean dirty roofs
  • Eliminates most glare experienced with polycarbonate or glass roofs
  • Designed and tested to standards demanded by Building Control
  • Quick to install


Upgrade Your Conservatory Roof with SupaLite

From first contact to installation, our experts at SupaLite can help transform your conservatory in five easy steps:

  1. Get a free, no obligation quote by filling in our quick form
  2. We’ll pass on your information to an installer near you – there are 100+ independent SupaLite installers nationwide
  3. Your local installer will get in touch to schedule an inspection of your existing conservatory
  4. You’ll receive a detailed design of your new roof and a final quote
  5. You arrange a date for your new roof to be installed!


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